Bjorn Mansvard

King of Fjordia


Bjorn is now an elderly man of 60 years. His failed war has caused him into a brooding depression. It is said that he is obsessed with reclaiming the former glory of Fjordia. This obsession has taken a toll on him. He has become paranoid, and his thin sickly husk no longer resembles the confident strong Bjorn of his early years.


Tensions between Rodorn and Fjordia has always been strained, and Bjorn has not alleviated any of it. Considered a war-mongrel by even Fjordian standards, many critics explain that his lack of politics in the national scene will be the death of Fjordia.

Born into a large family, Bjorn was the 3rd son. Through the help of his younger brother Erik, he killed any opposition to the throne, including his brothers and sisters. He spared Erik because of his help to ascend to the throne, and Olaf was just an infant, capable of being molded however he wished.

Bjorn restructured Fjordia to be a war machine. It is no wonder that Bjorn eventually did invade Rodorn, however his attempt failed catastrophically. Bjorn underestimated the Rodornian generals. Using cavalry and archers, they would bait him into a fight. Then they would retreat as soon as the Fjordian Berserkers reached their lines. This lured Bjorn into a false sense of victory, letting him press much further than his supplies could reach. His pride would not let him retreat. When he was eventually en-circled, no retreat was sounded and their army was crushed. Bjorn was captured and ransomed back to Fjordia.

This blow to his ego left him in a brooding depression. Left with far less land due to the war, Fjordia could never again be the military might he once saw. His days were filled with war parades and other acts of power to show to his people that they were still a force to be reckoned with.

Any information after the shattering about Bjorn is not known. Considering he is on his later years, one can assume he stayed behind in Valgarde conducting the war from afar.

Bjorn Mansvard

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